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6 top tips to help you keep fit this Christmas

6 top tips to help you keep fit this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and with that comes an abundance of temptation to hang up the trainers and fitness gear and wait for the New Year. From the endless supply of chocolates, pastry goods and warming alcohol to the cold, dark nights made bearable by the roaring fire, comfy clothes, traditional Christmas film and a delicious hot chocolate, it’s tough for everyone, let alone those who incorporate a regular fitness regime into their routine.

To avoid pounds piling on and fitness goals being lost, here are some helpful tips on how you can encourage yourself to keep fit over the Christmas season:

Keep moving

The Christmas holidays do not have to be spent in the gym. Instead, make keeping mobile a family affair and plan outdoor activities where everyone including the dog can get involved. Woodland walks, if wrapped up warm, are absolutely lovely this time of year as well as beach walks too.


Be realistic

Christmas is renowned for being an extremely sociable time, so do enjoy it. Our advice is simply be realistic and ensure you do what you have the energy for. If you know you have planned three nights on a trot, the likelihood of getting a workout in before your commitments is slim. So how about getting up half an hour earlier on one or two of those days and visiting the gym, going for a run or doing a home workout earlier in the day?


Drink plenty of water

This is a golden rule and we all know it works! Drinking plenty of water is absolutely key. Not only will it keep you full to avoid unnecessary grazing, but it will keep you hydrated at all times and will prevent a hangover if you overdo it on the alcohol.


Fill up on the greens

However tempting it is to pile your plate with delicious carbs, make sure 50% of your plate is full of greens. Not only will this keep you fuller for longer, but it will give you a good dose of vitamins and nutrients too.


Get to bed

Christmas means you are bound to have the odd late night which can make you make bad choices the following day. Sleep is an important part of staying healthy and fit. It is good for your mind, your stress levels, and will ensure you have adequate energy to fulfil your health and fitness goals. Aim for between 7 and 9 hours sleep per night.


Try working out from home

Don’t feel like braving the cold, defrosting the car and heading to the gym? Then choose to do a home workout instead. The luxury of these is you can do them at a time to suit you and there is no travel time to consider either. YouTube, for example, offers a whole host of different workouts, suitable for all different fitness levels, from fitness coaches across the globe.

Don’t forget to massage those muscles before and after the workout. The instant warming effect of Pernaton Gel Forte (red)is beneficial for the warm-up before sports and the instant cooling effect of Pernation Gel (blue) for the cool-down.

We hope you find these simple tips useful. The moral of the story is do what you can, when you can. Being cautious, moderating your food intake and moving often, means that there will be less guilt and you can enjoy these festive celebrations even more.