Did You Know

8.9 million adults in the UK, have visited their GP’s in the last year for joint issues or related conditions.

59% of sufferers are women.
The condition of our joints is a critical factor for our general well-being. The more flexible our musculoskeletal system, the larger our radius of action and the more diverse activities we can undertake. However, physical labour, sport or abnormal attitudes subject our joints to stress, and in the worst case they may be damaged. In addition, age takes its toll on our joints. Protection and precaution are thus urgently recommended. But what are the main points to be considered?

Lubricating and protecting
Two of the elements that ensure that our joints remain flexible are articular cartilage and synovial fluid. The ends of the bones are covered by a layer of cartilage that serves as a buffer against shocks; the fluid ensures that the joints are lubricated.

Nutrients are important
For optimum functioning both elements must receive adequate nutrients.

Natural glycosaminglycans (GAG) contained in the original Perna extract PERNATON® serve this purpose.

Maintaining mobility
They ensure an intact balance between growth and breakdown of cartilage and ensure the preservation of the cartilage. The synovial fluid is responsible for transporting nutrients to the cartilage. In addition to the supply of nutrients to the joint cartilage, the synovial fluid also lubricates the joints. The clear, viscous fluid ensures that the cartilage is not damaged by abrasion.

Sufficient fluid
Joints and movement are mutually dependent. Only movement provides for lively metabolic activity in the body. This is in turn critical for the joints, ensuring renewal of the cartilage and fluid. By the way: drinking sufficient amounts of liquid is essential for efficient metabolism.

Low-impact sports:
• Swimming – Relieves the joints
• Water Aerobics – Relieves the joints
• Cycling – Ideal for the knees – given correct settings
• Walking – Strengthens the muscles
• Yoga – Improves strength and mobility
• Dancing – Promotes mobility

Caution: In sporting activities it is always important to apply the correct technique.