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Most common mistakes in fitness and how to avoid them

If you’re struggling to achieve your fitness goals, something needs to change. We’ve highlighted some of the most common mistakes made by fitness enthusiasts:

Failing to plan…

…is planning to fail as the saying goes, and it certainly holds true with fitness training if you’re hoping to achieve any tangible results. Planning helps you to track progress, to challenge yourself and use your time effectively.

Give it a rest

As well as rest periods between sets of weights which allow phosphagen and testosterone levels to recover so you can lift more for longer, it’s important to rest between workouts and get adequate sleep to optimise your fitness training. If you’re not resting enough, your body won’t have time to repair and strengthen itself so you will be blocking your own progress.

The Wrong Trousers?

Or shorts, tops, socks, footwear or headgear. Choosing the wrong attire can have a huge impact on performance, resulting in discomfort like blisters and chafing right up to avoidable injuries.

Too much, too soon?

Sustained progress and ongoing improvement are the aim so it’s always advisable to start slowly and build up whether in distance, duration, weight or reps. The same goes for warming-up – skimping on this essential part of the activity is the quickest route to injury!

Mixing it up

It’s easy to get stuck in a fitness rut (or be led into one by a personal trainer or coach) which leads to your progress plateauing as well as you most likely getting bored. Try mixing it up by giving a new class a go or joining a local club. It’s important to keep challenging your mind and body if you want to keep achieving results.

The Right Stuff

Technique is key in all activities, to achieve the best results and protect you from injury. Again, this is where a professional can really help to ensure that you’re doing it right, right from the start. Different

techniques can also help you to work around pre-existing conditions, such as worn joints. Products like Pernaton® Gel Forte with the added ingredients of Cayenne Pepper can also help by stimulating muscles and increasing circulation.

Balance is everything

Whether that’s the delicate balance of nutrition to support your fitness goals providing enough fuel without piling on the pounds or combining weights with cardio to produce the body shape you’re looking for, it’s important to find the right balance. This is where a Personal Trainer or fitness professional can really help.

Keeping it clean

Not just wiping down the benches in the weights room before the next person comes in! If you’re contemplating any kind of sports competition, you need to ensure that you meet strict guidelines on banned substances. Professional sports men and women can use Pernaton® Gel Forte with confidence because it has been tested by the HFL’s Sports Nutritional Supplement Screen for banned substances and is UKAS ISO 17025 accredited for Sports Nutritional product screening.