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Simon Warren

For many years I have had knee problems and as a keen cyclist I have always wanted to find something that would help ease the pain.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left knee and wanted to find something to ease the pain that I could combine with exercise.

I did not get on very well with Glucosamine as it gave me stomach pains. I would always rather use a cream or something topical to rub into the affected area.

I chanced upon Pernaton Gel in a Health Food Shop and thought I would give it try as I was just about to take part in a very long cycle ride, The Dunwich Dynamo.

I started using the cream 3 days before my ride and began to feel the effects pretty quickly. On the second day my pain had eased almost completely.

I did the ride having rubbed in cream before and after 120 miles and my legs now feel amazing . Its 3 days since finishing and there is no pain and I have not used any cream for 2 days.

This can’t just be coincidence as I know my knees and how they feel.

I can only say that Pernaton Gel is amazing and this is born out by the total lack of any pain in my knee.