Pernaton contains 100% natural Perna Extract from New Zealand’s Green-lipped Mussel.

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Joint Aches

Joint aches might be caused by an injury or a longer-lasting problem, such as arthritis. Find out what could be causing your discomfort and which Pernaton product is right for you.

Joint Aches

Muscle Aches

The most common causes of muscle pain are tension, overuse and minor injuries. Find out what could be causing your discomfort and which Pernaton product is right for you.

Muscle Aches
  • PERNATON® Cooling Gel

    For Joint Massage
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  • PERNATON® Capsules

    For Joint Mobility
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  • PERNATON® Warming Gel

    For Muscle Massage
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How does PERNATON work?

Find out how our natural ingredients and unique processes give vital support to joints and muscles.

How to use PERNATON

Discover how and when to take our gels and capsules for joint and muscle function.

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Understand your aches and learn more about the Pernaton range.

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PERNATON® Cooling Gel

Excellent for joint pain. Easy to apply. Rubs in well & not greasy. Would recommend.

Martin C
PERNATON® Warming Gel

I use the Warming Gel for any muscular ache and pain, primarily on my lower back. It always works like magic and I love the heat sensation.

Michael M
PERNATON® Cooling Gel

Knee pain, lower back pain and carpal tunnel pain – all relieved by Pernaton Gel! I’ve got at least four other people using it now too.

Charlotte R
PERNATON® Warming Gel

Absolutely love this gel! Quickly warms up the area applied on and has definitely eased the back issue I was having.

Sunila G
PERNATON® Cooling Gel

Purchased Pernaton Gel for my wife who suffers from painful arthritis. Tried most creams but this one is the most effective by far.

Victoria A