Packed with essential nutrients that give vital support to joint and muscle function, Pernaton can help to improve mobility, restore the body and relieve everyday aches.

What is our mission?

Pernaton is formulated with effective and natural ingredients to help relieve the aches and pains of everyday life, so you can get back to the thing you enjoy doing – whether it’s cycling to the shops or spending time with friends and family. We provide customers with good quality products, great value for money and genuine customer care!

Which products are in the PERNATON range?

Pernaton is a natural product available in two care gels for daily external application and capsules for internal support. Depending on whether discomfort is felt in the muscles or joints, we recommend different products. Visit our ‘Symptoms & Treatments’ page to discover which Pernaton product is right for you.

How is PERNATON natural?

Pernaton contains 100% natural Perna Extract from New Zealand’s Green-lipped Mussel and the cold extraction process does not use heat, chemicals or solvents – allowing all valuable nutrients and lipids to remain contained. Although this is expensive, it ultimately leads to a superior product with the highest content of nutrients. The extract is freeze dried to ensure quality and purity, before being milled to produce a fine powder extract.

Who can benefit from PERNATON?

Pernaton is a multi-functional and natural product which has had significant success in benefiting a number of joint and muscle related problems. Visit our ‘How Pernaton Works’ page to read numerous studies proving the positive effect of the ingredients in Pernaton.