Find out how Pernaton has helped our customers!

“It really is a runner’s dream”– Scott Runner of Manchester Half-Marathon

“After applying Pernaton Gel Forte before exercising and Pernaton Gel after exercising, Scott’s pain started to ease, and the worry about his hip injury passed.”

Scott, Pernaton Gel and Gel Forte user

Aliki specialises in pain relief therapy and sports massage and was looking for a product to help both herself and her clients’ aches and pains.

“After stumbling across Pernaton, it contained natural ingredients with other health properties in it, such as a high content of Glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and Vitamin C, which was long-lasting and actually felt like it made a difference.”

Aliki, Pernaton Gel and Gel Forte user

Pernaton helped Morna to manage her muscle and joint pain and improve her mental-wellbeing

“No other gel works like Pernaton. It gets rid of all my pains and aches from fibromyalgia, helping me to feel so much better physically and mentally. Being able to do more daily really helps fight the blues you get if in pain and bed bound.”

Morna, Pernaton Gel and Pernaton Gel Forte user

After suffering a knee injury, Pernaton helped Michael get active again and improve his quality of life

“This gel started out as another product to say I’ve tried but it turned out to be the moment my life changed for the better… I was able to play football with my mates again and no words can express how grateful I am to Pernaton for making it possible.”

Michael, Pernaton Gel user